Michelle Dufflocq

Major: Currently I am majoring in Elementary Education but being only a Freshman I am still unsure so I am exploring my different interests and keeping an open mind. Working in fashion is definitely a huge dream of mine and being a part of the Trendsetter Team has helped me realize that.
My Style: My style is a very eclectic mix. I love everything vintage and girly but I also can mix it up with more casual pieces like beanies and leggings and sometimes I even turn to an edgier side with a leather jacket and more neutral toned pieces. My style is always changing depending on the mood I am in when I am getting dressed for the day but when it comes down to it I stick to a comfortable and feminine style with a fun and quirky twist.
Obsessions: Peter pan collars, anything high waisted/vintage, dresses, crop tops, cardigans, beauty products, Pinterest, scented candles, folk/pop music and chocolate.
Favorite items: My silver bunny necklace, Banana Republic glasses, my garage sale cowboy boots, Pandora charm bracelet and the leather bow purse I got from Primark when I was in London.
Fashion Inspiration: Ariana Grande, Zoe Sugg, Lea Michele, Bethany Mota, Zoey Deschanel, Lauren Conrad and Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars).