Monday, September 30, 2013

Day and Night

Day and Night
Turk Ismail

School, work and other responsibilities in life can make us busy enough that we disregard what we wear.  Should I wear a fancy outfit that fits well or those comfortable sweatpants calling my name? This is the conversation I have with myself everyday.
When facing a busy schedule we tend to care less and  grab the closest item to us from our closet and bounce.  However, I think we still can do that and keep our swag.

H&M and Forever21 are my favorite brands for an everyday outfit.  Oftentimes when I purchase items from these stores, I’m not sure when or where I’m going to wear the pieces I chose.  Instead, I buy the clothes and I match them later with something I already have.  A collaboration of new trendy pieces and older classics guarantee your outfit will be cool and original.

Day Outfit
For this daytime outfit, I chose my T-shirt from Armani Exchange, that I previously purchased in Seattle. Denim and chambray are very trendy and can be embraced by both men and women.  I found this unique bleached denim shirt from H&M and placed it over my tee.  Guys, to add interest to a basic tee, try throwing an open shirt over top.  A button up shirt makes your tee look less casual and are very popular right now.  Many button ups range in different fabrics and patterns from denim to flannel or camo.  Finally, I added some skinny black pants, that can be worn casually or dressy.  As for my shoes, men today have a great number of options for footwear.  We don’t have to stick to the same old boring lace up sneakers. There are many options oxfords, laced boots, or leather loafers.  I chose my white leather shoes to complete the look.

Night outfit
For the night outfit I always go for something unique and classy.   Blazers seem to be my newest obsession.  I bought my army blazer online and luckily the jacket fit me perfectly. Dark colors, a scarf, and black and gold watch are perfect combination.  Last is my black boots.  When I first spotted them, they looked nice.  But for me, just “nice” doesn’t cut it.  I wanted to add something unique and edgy.  I bought these spikes online and added them.  Did I mention that black and gold are my favorite colors?

Day and night looks are not just for women or for self proclaimed fashionable men.  A stylish day and night look can be achieved by even the guy who thinks he is not fashionable.  The key is combination.  While a graphic tee may seem easy enough, add a button up for a just as effortless but more stylish look.  At night, toss on a blazer.  Yes, blazers are not just for our fathers going to work anymore.  Blazers are a great way to look fashionable and add an element of sophistication.  Guys, we don’t have to put in too much effort to look like we know what we’re doing. 


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Friday, September 27, 2013

From Milan to Missoula

From Milan to Missoula
Bailey Chauner

Greeted from an aged brick apartment complex, Turk and I are welcomed inside by a sandy blonde, slender girl with the cheekbones envied by any bronzer obsesser.  Sydney, a junior in the journalism program, recently returned to the United States from Milan, Italy.  After spending almost a year abroad Turk and I were eager to get Sydney’s perspective about living in one of the fashion capitals of the world.

Headquarters to the household names Armani, Prada, and Dolce and Gabbana, Milan is synonymous with high fashion. However, is the presence of such esteemed and often unattainable brands translated down into the Milanese local style?  We wanted to know. How does a person dress appropriately in a place where Valentino is located around the corner?  

“Buying expensive clothing, doesn’t guarantee good style,” Sydney answers.  

With a cold season that averages 51 degrees fahrenheit and 78 in the warm season, Milan has a fairly mild climate. Explaining the two occasions of snowfall during her stay, heavy winter jackets were nearly non existent. Most of the jacket market is dominated by leather and peacoats. So, what guarantees style in a mecca of high fashion designers and prestige?

Sydney continues, “most Milanese wear black, dark, and earth tones.  Very little color is worn.  The majority of people in Milan dress in a sophisticated and basic manner and add a unique article of clothing or accessory to make their look distinct.”

As she spoke, she shuffled through her closet and withdrew the three items to guarantee a stylish Milan worthy look: a leather jacket, chelsea boots, and an interesting or unique piece or accessory.

First, a leather jacket is the easiest way to look fashionable.  A leather jacket is a timeless piece that never goes out of style.  Milanese consider a leather jacket a staple of their wardrobe and Sydney was soon to follow. Her black leather jacket is individualized with statments zippers and pockets.

Photos by Turk Ismail

Second, she showed us her leather oxblood chelsea boots. Described as “worn by everyone” chelsea boots are trendy and practical footwear to ensure a local Milan worthy look. Burgundy or dark red colored boots are the most popular color seen in Milan.

Finally, Sydney dons her unique piece, a silk varsity inspired jacket. Embellished with detailed embroidery of a stitched bird and flowers, this jacket could add interest to any basic item.

Granted, the streets in Missoula and Milan pose some differences. Missoula is guaranteed more snow while high heels are practical in Milan almost year round. Missoula may not be running with ladies holding full shopping bags from the world’s most reputable fashion designers, but after speaking with Sydney, neither is Milan.

Milan is a city where high fashion intercepts everyday life and locals find their niche to express themselves through clothing. Chelsea boots, a leather jacket, and unique piece are key to channel your inner Milanese even when strolling the streets 5,000 miles away in Missoula, Montana.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Manic Monday

Another Manic Monday
Bailey Chauner

Happy Monday, readers!
Is happy the word I want to use to greet this day? Most likely, our Mondays involve hitting the snooze button more than once and maybe an extra shot of espresso in our morning latte.
For myself, I know Mondays often come too soon, especially at the beginning of the year. My first Monday of class this year began with the plan of waking up early, making a healthy breakfast and leaving for class before the morning traffic. I went to bed feeling prepared and calm. My first day could not go awry. The next morning, I hit my snooze button as the sun was just peeking through my blinds and what seemed like the five minutes turned into over an hour. Feeling especially rested, I awoke to see my phone read 9:19 a.m., and my class began at 9:40. Jolted awake by adrenaline and panic, I jumped out of bed.
I had precisely 21 minutes to get to class and on the first day when most students put extra effort to make a lasting first impression. What was I supposed to do next? Dealing with getting ready during a time crunch similar to mine may seem nearly impossible, but by choosing the correct pieces from your closet, you can appear as if you were in no rush at all.
Out of bed and looking at what is usually a jumbled array of clothing spread from my closet to the window, what do I grab? While snatching a sweatshirt may seem the easiest and quickest option, you will also appear to have put in the minimal effort. Take the extra seconds to shift your eyes from the lounge clothing bundled up on the floor to your hanging pieces. Think there is not time to meticulously pair a blouse with a matching jacket and tie up your knee-high, lace boots? Well, there is not. However, with this surefire Trendsetters at The U method, you can quickly sift through your wardrobe and come out with a flawless outfit that took minimal time and appears to be strategically planned.
The key to a quick and fashionable outfit is three pieces: an interest piece, a basic piece and an accessory.

I define an interest piece as any article of clothing (even shoes) that have a standout color, texture, pattern, structure or detail that grabs attention. A basic is an piece with less interest. Often these are the pieces that easily match most of our wardrobe, such a white T or black pants. An accessory is any item that can top off your outfit, from jewelry to headwear or a belt. Which clothing item falls into each category is up to you! The outfit above features a basic gray button-up, jeans with pattern and texture to create interest, and a sea foam green necklace to top if off.
As I rushed with less than 15 minutes until my class, I grabbed my three pieces: a basic black crewneck shirt, patterned jeans as my interest piece and my accessory, a blue floral bib necklace. My outfit was completed with just a touch of creativity using the three-piece method and no time wasted!
Next, with a swipe of concealer and mascara, my face began to come to life. And finally, thanks to the popularity of topknots, whipping my bed head into a messy high bun was completely acceptable and out the door I flew. I sat down in class at 9:39 a.m. looking more prepared than I felt and not needing any coffee as I buzzed off the sudden challenge to beat the clock.
Students will face the occasional time constraint, especially when battling with the snooze button. Alarm clocks fail and sometimes the idea of putting effort into our appearance may seem impossible or unnecessary. However, maybe we don’t have to choose between the snooze button and the straightener or the blankets and the button-up. We can have our cake and eat it too by setting our alarm 15 minutes later, using the three-piece method and walking into class looking prepared and fashionable.
Our next Trendsetters at The U meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 24, at 6:30 p.m. in Room 332 in the University Center. For more information, please contact

Buyers BEARware

Photos by Turk Ismail

Buyers BEARwear
Bailey Chauner

We are t-minus two days from our Griz football team playing Oklahoma Panhandle State in our beloved Washington Grizzly Stadium.  At the last football game I noticed the wide array of unique Griz fashion.  Students wore their pride in the form of customized tasseled t shirts, retro Griz sweaters, bedazzled headbands, and enough face paint to touch up the 50 yard line.  The Trendsetters team decided to raid the UM Bookstore for some fashionable pieces to pair with today’s trends to create your perfect Griz look for any football game!

Michelle, a student in the education program, chose this v-neck maroon sweater with striped detail on the right bicep. She gave her outfit a retro vibe with a high waisted, denim flare skirt and matching denim wedges.  This look is great for ladies channeling their extra girly side!

For this look, embraced the recent comeback of the nineties “grunge” look with this modern, glittered Griz shirt.  To get a similar grungy Griz look, pair your favorite UM shirt with a pair of combat boots.  I added a pair of maroon and white striped socks to add some spirit and topped off my outfit with a Griz baseball hat.  To ensure a grunge appearance, turn your hat around backwards and tie a plaid shirt around your waist.

Abby, a sophomore in the business program and member of the Trendsetter Team, chose this Griz colored tank top available at the bookstore.  By the brand “Uptop”, this tank is a great fundamental to your griz wardrobe!  Abby chose an edgy look by pairing this racerback tank with leather leggings with a sheer detail.  To complete the outfit, she added Griz legwarmers and a flat bill cap.

Ikumi (right) and Yoko (left) Uezu, sisters from Japan studying English, rocked a basic striped Griz racerback tank and rugby inspired sweater.  Yoko (left) paired her Griz tank with a pair of leopard shorts and Griz ears.  Wearing leopard with your Griz apparel will let you embrace the animal print trend and give your outfit a modern spin.  Ikumi is pictured wearing a Missoula button up rugby sweater with a pastel dress.  A Grizzly rugby sweater is a great piece that can be paired with a variety of pieces.  Ikumi has a self described “feminine” style, so matching the sweater with the dress was a perfect choice. Finally, we can’t forget these sisters’ plush Grizzlies to top off their outfits!


We love this pink hat! It’s the perfect way to add some girly Griz spirit, without needing to break out the fashionista in you. Relaxed, comfortable, this screams cute and keeps you casual.

This post would not be complete without a pair of high waist-ed shorts! Michelle and Abby add these waist defining, leg baring shorts with their basic Griz tops for a guaranteed stylish look.  Adding high waist-ed shorts will add overall interest to a standard tee.

I absolutely love the rugby sweater (previously seen on Ikumi)! I wanted to give this sweater a preppy twist, so I wore the same knee high striped socks. Try pairing your preppy look with a pair of Converse sneakers so you don’t have to worry about teetering on your heels!

Most of the pieces we featured are available in the UM Bookstore for sale.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Swinging Summer Into Fall

Swinging Summer Into Fall
Bailey Chauner

Photos by Turk Ismail

Today, I woke up to brisk air coming through my window and the sound of water dripping through the roof gutters and onto the ground. Beginning my morning without the sweltering heat seeping into my apartment was nice but the change came with a bittersweet realization. Summer is coming to a close.
I have avoided wearing jeans because I want to deny the coming of cooler weather and put off the inevitable change from shorts to pants, from spaghetti straps to sweaters. In my denial of a new season approaching and my reluctance to move my summer wardrobe items to the back of my closet I decided to pick out my favorite summer items that I can still incorporate into the coming fall.

Trend 1: High-low semi-sheer skirts
Again, we can’t deny the popularity and presence of the high low skirt, which became trendy last spring, and took on a semi-sheer twist this summer. So what do we do now with our skirts that are far from protecting us from the goose bumps of the autumn breeze? Lucky for lovers of the high-low semi-sheer skirts, there are many options!
I personally paired this mauve skirt with a warm tan cardigan to keep my top half covered while my legs were more exposed. Don’t be afraid to pair these skirts with your new fall boots either. While boots in long skirts can sometimes be covered or appear too “heavy”, the high-low skirt allows everyone to see the debut of your signature shoe.
Finally, for those chillier days, tights and leggings are a great option. Lately, we are seeing patterned leggings come in style and wearing these under your high-low skirts is an easy way to embrace the new trend.

Trend 2: High waisted shorts
This summer you couldn’t go anywhere without spotting ladies wearing high waisted shorts. From the classic high waisted denim to shorts embellished with color, patterns, or studs and tears. I love shorts and am not looking forward to swapping them for jeans. Mother nature will have to pry my pair of pastel floral high waisted shorts from my shivering fingers. So, do we have to put our favorite shorts away? I say no.
I paired my floral high waisted shorts with black tights, wedges, and a black sweater that imitates a blazer. I’ve always been wary of shorts with tights, but I absolutely love this look especially because I don’t have to give up my shorts! To style
your own high waisted shorts for fall, don’t be afraid to embrace tights. They can enhance your waist and keep you warm at the same time. Plus, because high waisted shorts tend to be shorter, try pairing your tights with the same color shoes to give the illusion that your legs are much longer.
Trend 3: Crop-Top
Finally crop-tops were a summer must have. While the introduction of crop-tops may have made us do a few extra
crunches we fell in love with them. The crop-top is a great addition to your wardrobe and now is the perfect time to purchase one. Even though they are considered a summer clothing item, crop-tops are on sale everywhere as autumn approaches.
Crop-tops show a peek of your midsection, so when styling this piece for the fall, aim to pair it with items that are less revealing. For my look I paired my black and white patterned crop top with a high waisted skirt, cobalt sweater and ankle wedges.
If you choose to wear your crop-top with low riding jeans or skirts, add a sweater or blazer to balance the amount of skin shown. I try to avoid wearing crop-tops without a sweater or jacket when wearing low riding jeans or shorts because of how much skin is exposed.

With the popularity of high waisted items like shorts, skirts, and even some pants, crop-tops are a perfect match. So, without looking like you are unaware of the temperature change, wearing crop tops paired with sweaters, blazers, leggings, maxi skirts, pants and other high waisted items will guarantee a Trendsetters at The U approved look!
There are many ways to incorporate your favorite summer items into the coming of fall. Perhaps we should not be so depressed toward the leaves changing color and the introduction to pumpkin flavored everything. We should be optimistic. We can find a balance of both our summer and fall wardrobes all while drinking a pumpkin spice latte with our high-low skirts blowing in the autumn wind.