Thursday, November 14, 2013

A League of Gentleman


  1. a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man.

Photos by Turk Ismail

Spencer Sheehan

Age: 21/Junior

Major: Accounting and Management Information Systems Major

Hometown: Billings, MT

About myself: I am a tech and business guru. My ideal Sunday is opening the Wall Street Journal over a cup of coffee. I coach speech and debate at Sentinel High, and volunteer at places like the Poverello soup kitchen and Humane Society. Being well rounded is my goal. Work is not my life, so fun, fitness, and humor need to play together nicely in my schedule. Going along with well-roundedness, I have friends in nearly every major and many walks of life. It’s good to be focused, but you need to keep your perspective fresh, relatable, and realistic.

My Style:If my style were a person, it would be a Calvin Klein model on the series “Mad Men”. I try to bring together the retro and the new. Professional, yet modern and stylish.  

My Outfit
1. My JD. Fisk shoes are from the website MyHabit, a fashion discount site owned by Amazon. I bought them for the blue velvet and green soles, which really adds a splash of color to this otherwise traditional shoe.
2. The jacket is from Armani Exchange, made of nylon. It has semblances of a biker jacket, but in a more moderate and measured way.
3. You can’t go wrong with a black skinny tie, and they go with everything. I got it at discount from a not notable Amazon vendor.
4. I love this dress shirt from GUESS in Seattle. The dotted pattern looks granule up close, but from across the street it looks like softly changing shades of blue. It’s sort of a visual trick!
5. My jeans are from Calvin Klein. To be quite honest, I wear these all the time. They were only about $40, and extremely form fitting due to a 2% elastic material.

My involvement at University of Montana

1. I serve as a UM Advocate, which is a student ambassador to prospective students interested in enrolling at our university. I coordinate the community service activities this group participates in.
2.  I was recently elected as the upcoming Vice President of the Montana Information Systems Association. We volunteer for nonprofits, implementing solutions for their business issues, tutor MIS students, and host networking opportunities with IT professionals such as the Advanced Consulting Group, Google, or Microsoft.
3.  I’m a member of Beta Alpha Psi, the Accounting Honorary Society.
4.  Phi Delta Theta is the fraternity I am affiliated with.

Harold Whitford Jr.

Age: 19/Sophomore

Major: Fine Arts

About Myself: I am a 19-year-old American Indian from the Chippewa Cree Tribe.  I am a homosexual male.  I am currently an art major at the University of Montana and at the moment, I don’t have a specific art focus. I have always wanted to be a hair stylist, makeup artist, and clothing designer.  Isn’t that just the gayest cliché ever?  I love to sing, dance, and of course shop! I honestly have a shopping addiction. It is to the point where I have two walk-in closets full of clothes. I work at Hollister!

 I have a younger brother and sister. I am a very outgoing person who loves to be the center of attention.  At this point in life, I don’t feel like I should have to choose how the rest of my life is supposed to pan out.  So you might say I’m more of a “go with the flow” person.  I love elephants, tattoos, and piercings. If I could, I would start “Harold’s School of Beyoncé for Boys” (just a joke). Beyoncé is my idol and I hope that someday I could design outfits specifically for her. I’m destined to be famous one day, which is something I have said since I was a child, so...remember my name!

My Style: I don’t really subscribe to any one style.  Just like there is an array of colors, I have a wardrobe with an array of different styles.  One day I could dress in basketball shorts and Jordan’s, and the next I’m wearing a suit and tie. I love to push the limits of fashion and “gender bend” clothes. I don’t believe that any one sex should be able to “own” a specific piece of clothing.  If I can rock some high-waisted short shorts, then why not?  For all I care, call me a “hipster.”

My outfit 
1. O’Hanon Mills Placed Fair Isle Sweater from Urban Outfitters
2. Light blue denim OBEY Propoganda button-up from Tilly’s
3. Skinny fit jeans from Hollister
4. Brown suede oxfords from

My outfit and Who I Am:
This outfit represents who I am because I definitely love to dress in outfits that compliment the season.  The fall and winter definitely read to me as sweater seasons with lots of layers!  I chose this wool sweater because the base color is ivory, but also has a fabulous array of complementary colors.  I love to layer most outfits, so this denim button-up is just to add some contrast and bring out the colors. Since this sweater is so versatile (I can dress it up or dress it down), I wore denim jeans for a more casual look. Also, if I wore jeans or bottoms with a looser fit, the outfit would look sloppier and not as neat and put together.  If I chose to wear colored pants, like maroon or bright orange to compliment the sweater, the outfit would have a totally different attitude!  I ended with brown Cole Haan’s because the shoes complement the ivory sweater (and secretly my belt is brown and my shoes have to match my belts and accessories).  I believe in very simply outfits that catch the eye.  If you war four items and impress the most unimpressible person, then you have done your job as a fashion enthusiast!

Involvement at the University of Montana:Just another student!

Brennen Cain

Age: 20/ Junior

Major: Resource Conservation and Political Science

Hometown: Whitefish

About Myself: I am a politically motivated individual who cares about sustainable environmental policy. I love voting and the political process as well as local food and products. My goal is to do research around water policy, and water rights. I also love coffee and simple, but tasteful style.

My Style: I often look like a dad from the farmers market. Chacos and jeans are my go to. But a nice pair of dark jeans and a button up are always an easy way to look good.

My Outfit: My jeans and boots are from a thrift store and my shirt is from H+M. The watch is a Target purchase.

Why this outfit represents me: It's simple, cheap, but looks good. The button up is loose fitting and very comfortable, which is how I like to live my life, casual but classy.

My involvement at University of Montana: I’m in a group called 1,000 New Gardens, which is a group that is dedicated to installing gardens around Missoula and encouraging people to grow their own food. I work at a non-profit, Forward Montana that works on empowering young people to be civically engaged. My job is to endorse progressive candidates, and get them elected.

Turk Ismail

Year: Senior

Major: Management Information Systems
Minor: Media Arts

Hometown: Alkhober, Saudi Arabia

My name is Turk Ismail. I’m from the east of Saudi Arabia, Alkhober city.  I have worked as a marketing representative for one of the largest shopping mall in the Middle East if not the world, Alrashid Mall. I’m an MIS major and media art minor.

My Outfit
Bailey said, "You look like Kanye West in this fur jacket!" I took it as a compliment! Most of us know Kanye dresses really well. He is known as a hip hop artist but he is a fashion designer as well. He has a lot of good songs! I love gold digger, I mean his song gold digger.  Anyway...
Jacket: Etsy.
Pants:  My favorite store of all time Armani exchange
Shoes:  Diesel.
Hat: Thrift shop

I really like this style. Fur jackets are always stylish. The main color is black but it’s nice to try to add a different color to your look. The black boots and the hat is completed my look.