Monday, September 9, 2013

Swinging Summer Into Fall

Swinging Summer Into Fall
Bailey Chauner

Photos by Turk Ismail

Today, I woke up to brisk air coming through my window and the sound of water dripping through the roof gutters and onto the ground. Beginning my morning without the sweltering heat seeping into my apartment was nice but the change came with a bittersweet realization. Summer is coming to a close.
I have avoided wearing jeans because I want to deny the coming of cooler weather and put off the inevitable change from shorts to pants, from spaghetti straps to sweaters. In my denial of a new season approaching and my reluctance to move my summer wardrobe items to the back of my closet I decided to pick out my favorite summer items that I can still incorporate into the coming fall.

Trend 1: High-low semi-sheer skirts
Again, we can’t deny the popularity and presence of the high low skirt, which became trendy last spring, and took on a semi-sheer twist this summer. So what do we do now with our skirts that are far from protecting us from the goose bumps of the autumn breeze? Lucky for lovers of the high-low semi-sheer skirts, there are many options!
I personally paired this mauve skirt with a warm tan cardigan to keep my top half covered while my legs were more exposed. Don’t be afraid to pair these skirts with your new fall boots either. While boots in long skirts can sometimes be covered or appear too “heavy”, the high-low skirt allows everyone to see the debut of your signature shoe.
Finally, for those chillier days, tights and leggings are a great option. Lately, we are seeing patterned leggings come in style and wearing these under your high-low skirts is an easy way to embrace the new trend.

Trend 2: High waisted shorts
This summer you couldn’t go anywhere without spotting ladies wearing high waisted shorts. From the classic high waisted denim to shorts embellished with color, patterns, or studs and tears. I love shorts and am not looking forward to swapping them for jeans. Mother nature will have to pry my pair of pastel floral high waisted shorts from my shivering fingers. So, do we have to put our favorite shorts away? I say no.
I paired my floral high waisted shorts with black tights, wedges, and a black sweater that imitates a blazer. I’ve always been wary of shorts with tights, but I absolutely love this look especially because I don’t have to give up my shorts! To style
your own high waisted shorts for fall, don’t be afraid to embrace tights. They can enhance your waist and keep you warm at the same time. Plus, because high waisted shorts tend to be shorter, try pairing your tights with the same color shoes to give the illusion that your legs are much longer.
Trend 3: Crop-Top
Finally crop-tops were a summer must have. While the introduction of crop-tops may have made us do a few extra
crunches we fell in love with them. The crop-top is a great addition to your wardrobe and now is the perfect time to purchase one. Even though they are considered a summer clothing item, crop-tops are on sale everywhere as autumn approaches.
Crop-tops show a peek of your midsection, so when styling this piece for the fall, aim to pair it with items that are less revealing. For my look I paired my black and white patterned crop top with a high waisted skirt, cobalt sweater and ankle wedges.
If you choose to wear your crop-top with low riding jeans or skirts, add a sweater or blazer to balance the amount of skin shown. I try to avoid wearing crop-tops without a sweater or jacket when wearing low riding jeans or shorts because of how much skin is exposed.

With the popularity of high waisted items like shorts, skirts, and even some pants, crop-tops are a perfect match. So, without looking like you are unaware of the temperature change, wearing crop tops paired with sweaters, blazers, leggings, maxi skirts, pants and other high waisted items will guarantee a Trendsetters at The U approved look!
There are many ways to incorporate your favorite summer items into the coming of fall. Perhaps we should not be so depressed toward the leaves changing color and the introduction to pumpkin flavored everything. We should be optimistic. We can find a balance of both our summer and fall wardrobes all while drinking a pumpkin spice latte with our high-low skirts blowing in the autumn wind.