Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Manic Monday

Another Manic Monday
Bailey Chauner

Happy Monday, readers!
Is happy the word I want to use to greet this day? Most likely, our Mondays involve hitting the snooze button more than once and maybe an extra shot of espresso in our morning latte.
For myself, I know Mondays often come too soon, especially at the beginning of the year. My first Monday of class this year began with the plan of waking up early, making a healthy breakfast and leaving for class before the morning traffic. I went to bed feeling prepared and calm. My first day could not go awry. The next morning, I hit my snooze button as the sun was just peeking through my blinds and what seemed like the five minutes turned into over an hour. Feeling especially rested, I awoke to see my phone read 9:19 a.m., and my class began at 9:40. Jolted awake by adrenaline and panic, I jumped out of bed.
I had precisely 21 minutes to get to class and on the first day when most students put extra effort to make a lasting first impression. What was I supposed to do next? Dealing with getting ready during a time crunch similar to mine may seem nearly impossible, but by choosing the correct pieces from your closet, you can appear as if you were in no rush at all.
Out of bed and looking at what is usually a jumbled array of clothing spread from my closet to the window, what do I grab? While snatching a sweatshirt may seem the easiest and quickest option, you will also appear to have put in the minimal effort. Take the extra seconds to shift your eyes from the lounge clothing bundled up on the floor to your hanging pieces. Think there is not time to meticulously pair a blouse with a matching jacket and tie up your knee-high, lace boots? Well, there is not. However, with this surefire Trendsetters at The U method, you can quickly sift through your wardrobe and come out with a flawless outfit that took minimal time and appears to be strategically planned.
The key to a quick and fashionable outfit is three pieces: an interest piece, a basic piece and an accessory.

I define an interest piece as any article of clothing (even shoes) that have a standout color, texture, pattern, structure or detail that grabs attention. A basic is an piece with less interest. Often these are the pieces that easily match most of our wardrobe, such a white T or black pants. An accessory is any item that can top off your outfit, from jewelry to headwear or a belt. Which clothing item falls into each category is up to you! The outfit above features a basic gray button-up, jeans with pattern and texture to create interest, and a sea foam green necklace to top if off.
As I rushed with less than 15 minutes until my class, I grabbed my three pieces: a basic black crewneck shirt, patterned jeans as my interest piece and my accessory, a blue floral bib necklace. My outfit was completed with just a touch of creativity using the three-piece method and no time wasted!
Next, with a swipe of concealer and mascara, my face began to come to life. And finally, thanks to the popularity of topknots, whipping my bed head into a messy high bun was completely acceptable and out the door I flew. I sat down in class at 9:39 a.m. looking more prepared than I felt and not needing any coffee as I buzzed off the sudden challenge to beat the clock.
Students will face the occasional time constraint, especially when battling with the snooze button. Alarm clocks fail and sometimes the idea of putting effort into our appearance may seem impossible or unnecessary. However, maybe we don’t have to choose between the snooze button and the straightener or the blankets and the button-up. We can have our cake and eat it too by setting our alarm 15 minutes later, using the three-piece method and walking into class looking prepared and fashionable.
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